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If you have been looking for something different when it comes to your health and medical services, chiropractic care could be your answer. Chiropractic care focuses on improving your health so that disease does not become a predominating issue in your life. Conventional medicine works to deal with sickness once it is symptomatic. At Spring Lake Chiropractic, serving Spring Lake Heights, NJ, we understand the importance of establishing health.

About Us

At Spring Lake Chiropractic, we aim to foster an environment that is both cozy and refreshing. We want our patients to think of our office as an oasis of health and healing as they start their journey toward wellness. Our staff focuses on individual care and balance that can bring about optimum wellness for our clients.  

Meet Your Spring Lake Chiropractor 

Dr. Jeffery Fitch is your chiropractor in Spring Lake and the surrounding areas. Dr. Fitch makes it his objective to improve his client’s health and overall wellness through chiropractic care. He believes in treating the whole person, rather than just symptoms. This means he will always take the time to find the underlying causes for your conditions.

The most common pain complaints, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, TMJ, and others, are just a reflection of the body and mind when they are out of balance. Your Spring Lake chiropractor will seek to pinpoint in what ways the body is out of balance. Bringing your whole person back into balance will address your localized pain issues. This approach to pain management makes you, the patient, an active participant in your own healing.

Dr. Fitch, your chiropractor in Spring Lake, received his doctorate degree from Life College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA. He has been a leading member of his community here in Spring Lake Heights for over 32 years by providing effective chiropractic care.

More Than Chiropractic Care

Spring Lake Chiropractic is much more than your run of the mill chiropractor’s office. In addition to our traditional chiropractic services, we also offer massage therapy as well as Yoga instruction.

Our Yoga instructor, Suzy, brings over 200 hours of yoga experience to our practice. She is trained in Hatha, chair, restorative, and multilevel yoga. The ancient art of yoga has far reaching health benefits which we offer to our patients as the perfect complement to their chiropractic care. You will find our yoga instruction to be gentle, non-competitive and restorative.

In addition to yoga instruction, Suzy is also certified as a natural, holistic healer in chamissage, a practice which aims to restore and balance the body’s energies.

Our massage therapist, Marie, is a graduate of the NJ School of Massage in Toms River, NJ. Her massage therapy has proven useful in the treatment of whiplash, TMJ, Sciatica, stress, and other conditions.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact our office at Spring Lake Chiropractic, serving Spring Lake Heights NJ. Our number is (732) 449-8330.


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